A conversational online learning project for Adelphi.
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A conversational online learning project for Adelphi.

Adelphi, one of my clients from England had to produce an e-learning (online learning) project with a version for the French market.

The training was created for a company wishing to improve work performance and the relationships between managers and employees.

Training in the form of dialogue between characters should be done on the conversational tone with the Quebec accent (French Canadian).

All my voices have been recorded in my studio (StudioYvesAmyot.com).

Listen below for a brief excerpt of the training:

Vous aimeriez vous aussi que je fasse les voix off (voix hors champ) de votre projet d'apprentissage en ligne ou de vos vidéos de formation ?

Would you also like me to do the voice over for your project e-learning or your training videos? Contact me!

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