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SONY_MDR_7506_s.jpg now has an English version.

So now has an English version: . You can access it by clicking on the English flag on the top right corner. Considering the fact that I have clients from all over the world, it was more than desirable that I have an English version of my site, and not just an automatic translation.

Which does not mean that I am now doing voice overs in English. I still do Voice over in French only. But if you need to have a French and English version of your project, no problem, I can submit to you some Anglophone Voice Over talents having their own studio like me.

Do you plan on using my services? Contact me .

Video entirely produced by presenting the contents of the show ICI Laflaque! also offers the service of video production (for some business videos, videos in the form of interviews, from testimonials, advertising videos, videoclips, real estate videos, etc.).

Below, the video made to highlight the end of the broadcast of the TV show ICI Laflaque, which ended on May 5th 2019 after 15 years of broadcasting on the air CBC .

Production, direction, camera, sound, editing: Yves Amyot

Would you also like a video to present your business, your products, your services or your property for sale etc. ? Contact me!

I did the narration of this real estate video that I also produced ! offers not only a service of voice over of all kinds, but also the service of video production !

I own my own filming equipment, whether to produce corporate videos, videos in the form of interviews, from testimonials, advertising videos, real estate video clips etc.

I offer a complete service if needed, whether for scripting, narration of course, in addition to the creation of your video.

Not to also mention my creative services animated explainer videos for companies.

In Short, can meet all your video needs and support your project.

Below, you’ll find a real estate video that I entirely produced and realized (shooting, editing, script writing, narration).

Selling a property is something important and it is better to put all the luck on one's side. This is what a video presentation like this one does for you.

You have the video in 2 versions: without narration , with music only, then the same video with narration. Both choices are available to real estate agents, depending on their needs. If a narration is desired, I can write the script, according to the broker's guidelines for the highlights to mention.

Without narration :

With narration :

Would you also like to have a video created to present your services, your company, or create a real estate video ? Contact me!

I made a voice over for a Budweiser web ad!

Logo Budweiserlogo_Spotify

I did the Voice over for a web advertisement of Budweiser, disseminated more specifically to subscribers of Spotify . A production of one of my American customers VOA Studio .

My voice was recorded in my studio (

Would you like me to do the voice over for your advertising video or any other project ? Contact me!

I did the voice over for the ProgyMedia presentation video.

Logo Progymedia

Logo LivePOP

This video was produced by LivePOP to clarify the identity of ProgyMédia and work the sales strategy of the company.An original way to present the company in less than 2 minutes.

I was asked to do the voice over of this video, which I did with pleasure in my studio (

To see below:

Would you also like me to do the voice over for your company presentation video or any other project? Contact me!

I made the narration of a video presentation: Our daily bread.

Logo Notre Pain Quotidien

I am the narrator of this video presenting the Ministries "Our daily bread" and their history.

Would you also like me to do the voice over for your video presentation or any other project?

Contact me! A secure site!

Page de Paiement sécurisé par Carte de crédit is now a secure site , with the https appearing in your web browser!

So you will see the padlock next to the site address. And it will now be possible to make secure payments by credit card directly on the site.

Payments can be made in different currencies to serve both Canadian and foreign clients.

To make a payment in Canadian currency :

To make a payment in euros :

To make a payment in US currency :

(To make payments in other currencies, contact me !)

This is in addition to the possibilities of payment by PayPal , by Interac and by transfer of funds ( wire transfer )!

(Payments by check are still accepted if this is really the only option ;-)

Your voice over will be even easier to pay!

You are ready to register for the narration of your project?

Contact me !

I now have my BLOG section, in addition to my News section!

Blog sur la Voix hors champs -

There you go ! I've been thinking about it for a long time, and it's done!

I now have a BLOG section on my site, where I would write (and / or produce videos), about all kinds of topics concerning voice over and on the profession in general.

I thought that having a NEWS section where I talk about some of my achievements is good, but BLOG articles that will be useful to the whole community, is better !

On this BLOG, you will find advice and tips and tricks on the sector of Voice over in general.

I will discuss topics concerning both voice techniques, studio equipment, sites and resources to know, the best tools or how to find customers, marketing in general, how to create your own studio , the charges, etc., in short, anything that may interest us in this business.

Click hereto access the page “my BLOG”.

And to access and subscribe to my Youtube channel where I will publish my videos associated with this same BLOG , click here!

Looking forward to see you there !


What is a Voice Over ?

In answer to the question that I am asked very often:

(English transcription of the video below)

What is a voice over ?

We also say voice-overs. In English, we talk about Voice Over .

But what exactly is it? It's the voice you hear in radio and TV commercials, commercial videos on the internet, movie trailers, etc. It's the voice that sells the product, the narrator who tells the story, the voice of someone you do not see on camera but who speaks to you.

This art form is performed by professionals called voice over actors.

It's not just about having a beautiful voice. It's about understanding a text and knowing how to render it. We must capture the message and pass it on to the audience. You have to know how to interpret a text, you have to know how to play it when it comes to a character.

There are also several styles of voice over .

The advertising voices are sales oriented, often dynamic, they demonstrate the effectiveness of a product or service. The business videos ask for a more neutral, corporate tone. In e-Learning (online learning), the tone is set and the phrasing is very cut to promote learning. A narrator voiceover is more like a storyteller. The voice overof a trailer film is more like someone talking in someone's ear.

And of course, with regard to the desired tone, also come into account the tastes and needs of the customer. We must know how to adapt.

The voice over is an art in itself.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm an actor, a graduate of the Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Quebec City and I have a background in Voice and Microphone from the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Montreal. I have nearly 25 years of professional experience. And I have my own recording studio (

As an actor who works in the field of voice, it seems to me that I am also a voice over actor.

That's it, you know a little more about it.

And if you would like me to do a voice over for your project, do not hesitate to Contact me.

A live recording session at a distance: with my studio, it's possible!

Enregistrements live (en direct)

You would need to direct me when I record my voice for your project, because you need something very specific, for an ad for example?

It is very possible and there are several possibilities for a live session.


We contact each other by Skype . (If you do not have it, it's free.) Not only can we talk to each other via Skype, but you hear my recording directly via my studio microphone.
And I even have the necessary equipment to make you ear again the recordings (playback), which Skype alone would not allow.

It is also quite possible to use software like Zoom, if you prefer.

2 -By phone, via my PHONE PATCH

During the recording session, you talk to me via your phone. You hear the recordings I do in the studio via my microphone and you can also hear them them (playback). That said, the phone patch is an old technology. As far as I'm concerned, I use my Skype as a phone patch, because I have the mixers and consoles it takes to do it.
So I can either call you on your phone or your Skype, as mentioned above. - Profile Page at Source-Connect

3 -Via SOURCE-CONNECT (alternative to ISDN)

If you have a professional studio, you have probably already made remote recordings. For my part, I am a certified Source-Connect studio, which will allow you, if you also have Source-Connect, to recorde me remotely, via your studio, as if I were there !

(Note that It is also possible to use other alternatives to Source Connect, such as ipDTL .)

And of course, if you don't need to have a live recording session, as is the case most of the time, you send me your scripts and I record everything on my side, simply !

Contact me right now to discuss your project !

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