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I did the narrations of Gala GRI 2018.


I am the narrator of the presentation videos for the nominees of Gala GRI 2018 (Recovery and Insolvency Group) Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton.

A production of Light Trap .

You can listen below to a brief excerpt from one of 24 narration capsules that I recorded, the introductory capsule:

Would you also like me to do the narration ( voice over ) for your presentation videos or any other project? Contact me.

Video that I created for Logiplex Group and of which I am the narrator.

An animated explainer video created by , a division of

I created this animation video for a construction contractor: Logiplex Group .

I offer a complete service:

- Phone meeting to understand your needs and the message to convey

- Script writing


- Creating the video

Below, therefore, the video presenting the project of rental condos Espaces les Ormes and of which I am the narrator .

Would you also like to have your explainer video at an affordable price to present the service soffered by your company?

Contact me.

I did more than just the narration for this video presenting a new online directory !

I created an animated explainer video for a new online directory service for Ibiza Island in Spain: All Services Ibiza .

And yes, has a division for animated explainer videos for companies :

I offer a full service :

- Phone meeting to understand your needs and the message to convey

- Script writing (If you did not know, I'm also an author)

- Narration (of course !)

- Creating the video (Thanks to my training in multimedia web, illustration and graphics.)

This video has 2 versions: one in French and the other in Spanish.

I took care of the narration in French and storytelling in spanish. Spanish was provided by anarratorfrom Barcelona that I hired.

The female voices were made by my wife, who is also a narrator and also speaks Spanish in addition to French, English and Italian.

See the videos below:



Would you also like to have your affordable explainer video to present your products or your services ?

Contact me .

See many examples of my Voice Overs via my Playlists from my Youtube channel!

If you look in the left corner of the video shown below in this article, you will see a number (114 as I write these lines). It is the number of videos that there is in this playlist of my youtube channel . If you click on the number, you have access to all the videos that are part of it.

The title of this playlist is Voice over - Narration - . So this is a list of videos for which I made narrations .

You will find more than a hundred examples of voiceovers that I made for business videos , from presentation of services , from marketing, to animated explanatory videos etc.

I also have other lists on my Youtube channel, sometimes more targeted, like Voice Overs for Animated Explainer Videos , Demos - Actor - Narrator , BLOG - ,My Animated Explainer Video Creation Services etc.

The reason there is a lot more video in my playlists than on my home page of my Youtube channel or in the videos section Is simple.

With the exception of my personal videos that are available in a" public " way , I classify the videos of my clients in the mode" Unlisted So they're not part of YouTube's search results or any other search tool like Google . And this in order not topull outtraffic from my customers. So, if someone is looking for their product or a similar product, only their site will feature in the search results and not mine.

However, my Playlists are public, so you can see what I put. (Of course you will not find those for which I signed an NDA( non disclosure agreement ) and which are therefore private domain, as requested by my clients.)

I invite you to register on my youtube channel to see my videos and to consult my Playlists .

(To listen toexamples of other kinds of narration ( e-learning , audio books , telephone systems , etc.), I also invite you to visit the different sections on the right side of this page.)

Would you also like me to do the voice overfor your business videos or any other project?

Contact me!

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