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I recorded a new voice for TD Bank.


For a 2nd time, I made the voice over for a video of the TD Bank. The video invites customers to switch to a checking account with unlimited TD operations.

Again, it was a video production from the prestigious Mirum Agency, which has 46 offices in 20 countries.

My voice over was recorded in my studio.

During my recording I was directed live by the client, who was connected to my studio via Skype. For more details on live recordings possible at my studio, click here ).

Watch the video below:

Would you like to use my voice services for your project? Contact me!

I did the voice over for a video for Dairy Farmers of Canada.

I did the voice over for a video designed for Dairy Farmers of Canada, presenting their initiative PROACTION, which targets their quality objectives by committing to demonstrate their good production practices.

My voice over was recorded in my studio.

The demand was to have a tone more familiar than corporate.

To listen to a brief excerpt of my recording for this video:

Would you like to use my voice services for your project? Contact me!

What is a Voice Over ?

In answer to the question that I am asked very often:

(English transcription of the video below)

What is a voice over ?

We also say voice-overs. In English, we talk about Voice Over .

But what exactly is it? It's the voice you hear in radio and TV commercials, commercial videos on the internet, movie trailers, etc. It's the voice that sells the product, the narrator who tells the story, the voice of someone you do not see on camera but who speaks to you.

This art form is performed by professionals called voice over actors.

It's not just about having a beautiful voice. It's about understanding a text and knowing how to render it. We must capture the message and pass it on to the audience. You have to know how to interpret a text, you have to know how to play it when it comes to a character.

There are also several styles of voice over .

The advertising voices are sales oriented, often dynamic, they demonstrate the effectiveness of a product or service. The business videos ask for a more neutral, corporate tone. In e-Learning (online learning), the tone is set and the phrasing is very cut to promote learning. A narrator voiceover is more like a storyteller. The voice overof a trailer film is more like someone talking in someone's ear.

And of course, with regard to the desired tone, also come into account the tastes and needs of the customer. We must know how to adapt.

The voice over is an art in itself.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm an actor, a graduate of the Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Quebec City and I have a background in Voice and Microphone from the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Montreal. I have nearly 25 years of professional experience. And I have my own recording studio (

As an actor who works in the field of voice, it seems to me that I am also a voice over actor.

That's it, you know a little more about it.

And if you would like me to do a voice over for your project, do not hesitate to Contact me.

In this video scroll through several of my clients for whom I made contracts in voice!

Below a brief video introducing you several customers, for whom I made a voice over, all recorded in my studio.

Would you like to use my voice services? Contact me !

My voice demo in the COMMERCIAL VIDEOS sector.

Listen to a short montage of a series of commercial videos below of which I made the voices, all recorded in my studio.

Would you like to use my voice services for your video project? Contact me !

My voice demo video, in the sector RADIO AND TV ADVERTISEMENTS !

Below, my voice demo staff in the radio and TV advertising sectors. Some voices were recorded in my studio ( and several in other studios.

Would you also like me to do the voice over for your advertising?
Or would you like me to do not only voice over, but that I produce your radio advertising entirely?

Contact me!

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