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I did another narration for a new Herbalife video.

I once again made the voice over from the most recent video of Herbalife, designed for new members as part of their promotion for their 35 anniversary.

Originally created in English, I made the French voice over of the video for the Canadian sector.

The video is a production of one of my American clients, Rich Brown Productions.

My voice was recorded in my studio.

And as always, I made a turnkey narration, mounted, cleaned, with impeccable sound quality, for the greatest satisfaction of the customer.

To listen to a brief excerpt of my recording for this video:

Would you like to use my voice services for your project? Contact me!

A live recording session at a distance: with my studio, it's possible!

Enregistrements live (en direct)

You would need to direct me when I record my voice for your project, because you need something very specific, for an ad for example?

It is very possible and there are several possibilities.


We contact each other by Skype . (If you do not have it, it's free.) Not only can we talk to each other via Skype, but you hear my recording directly via my studio microphone. And I have the same hardware to make you re-record (playback), which Skype alone would not allow.

2 -By phone, via my PHONE PATCH

During the recording session, you talk to me on the phone, you hear the recordings that I make in the studio via my microphone and you can also re-hear them (playback). The phone patch is an old technology. As far as I'm concerned, I use my Skype instead as a phone patch because I have the mixers and consoles it takes to do it. So, I can choose to call you on your phone or Skype as mentioned above.

StudioYvesAmyot.con Contact Page at Source-Connect

3 -Via SOURCE CONNECT (alternative to ISDN)

If you have a professional studio, you have probably already made remote recordings. For my part, I am a Source-Connect studio, which will allow you, if you also have Source-Connect, to recorde me remotely, via your studio, as if I were there !

(Note that It is also possible to use other alternatives to Source Connect, such as ipDTL .)

Contact me right now to discuss your project!

My voice demo 2016 - Advertisement

Below for my voice demo 2016! A quick 1 min 30 timeline to listen to, with several voice overs that I made for radio and TV commercials .

Some of them have been recorded in my studio and many in other studios:

Would you like me to be the voice for your TV or radio ad?

Or would you like me not only to record the voice over but to produce your entire radio advertisement?

Contact me!

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