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Discover why can be THE affordable solution for animated explainer videos for SMEs!

There are several advantages to have your animated explainer video created for your company by :

Transcript video :

Hello. Yves Amyot, from .

Je vais vous dire dans quelques instants pourquoi mon studio pourrait être une excellente option pour créer vos vidéos explicatives animées.

There are two main reasons and I will come back to it. (...)

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Find out how can create your animated marketing videos at a fraction of the usual cost !

Watch the video below and find out how to get an explainer video at a more than affordable price to present your company and your services!

(English subtitles are available in the Youtube video settings,)

The effectiveness of animated videos for presenting a company or the services it offers .

An animated video makes it possible to present clearly and in an imaginative and fast way a message that one wishes to pass accross to our customers or future customers.

These animated explanatory ideas also allow the production of scenes that would be unthinkable to do in reality.

Moreover they increase the traffic of numerous visitors to your company's website. And many more.


If you have already contacted a production company to produce a fully customized animation video, you know that it can be very expensive ...

THE GOOD NEWS : uses a technology that makes animation videos like the one above at a fraction of the usual cost and much faster !

I use (...)

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Discover a secret to do better voice-overs !

So what is the secret to doing better voice over ?

First, I tell you this: to make bettervoice-overs, that will be distinguished from the majority of voice-overs that you hear, you have to do a voice that could be described as three-dimensional.

But concretely, what does it mean?

And I will give you some concrete examples , using the same text to make a voice from 1 dimension, to 2 dimensions and finally to 3 dimensions.

First, what would be 1 voice in1 dimension ? (...)

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How to predict the duration of a script before it is recorded in narration ?

How to predict the duration of a text before it is recorded in narration?

Customers often ask me this question. Their text is ready and theywonderhow long they will be once recorded.

In general, it is calculated that a narration has a ratio of about 150 words per minute .

Of course, we are talking about an average. (...)

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What's the difference in French between Voix Off and Voix hors champs ?

What's the difference in French between Voix off and Voix hors champ ?

In French, we often hear the terms Voix hors champ and also particularly in France, the term Voix Off .

Obviously, these are terms used to speak about someone's voice that you don't see on the screen. (...)

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